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Nagaland is one of India’s most vibrant states with 17 indigenous tribes that have their own traditions. While the state is blessed with natural bounties, there is a tremendous amount of cultural, social, talent and civic capital that can be unlocked using a system design approach. This can help Nagaland position itself right as also enable its youth to harness civic capital.


Building entrepreneurial capabilities and infrastructure for musicians, youth and artists in Nagaland, which had been a challenge. This is also an opportunity for the state to unlock soft capital.


Skilling, professional exposure, business exposure can upgrade professional capabilities and community engagement. This can include key industry partnerships, business & brand linkages, design thinking, and industry participation helps augment this.

  • Putting together a strategic framework and plan. This included 4 levers – knowledge, access, business linkages and commercial understanding.
  • Built physical infrastructure like studio spaces, art gallery, upgradation of auditorium facilities for better performances and events which circled back as higher revenue contribution.
  • Business and industry linkages through MoUs with government bodies, brands, corporate sponsors and service providers for music distribution. This also included performance contracts / tie-ups across the country, cultural exchange programs enabling artists to perform at other state festivals and in return hosting artists from other states at Hornbill Festival.
  • Conceptualised and created the Thinkfest IP around the Business of Music. This included an interactive format where diverse professionals from the field of music and arts imparted practical , professional and business education to artists in Nagaland.
  • Helped facilitate collaborative opportunities with Nagaland artists and A-list producers

The government, when it works in partnership with industry professionals, design thinkers and with a strategic plan at hand, can be a powerful force of change. This can help communities unlock soft capital and grow business opportunities. 

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