In a world of disruption, business as usual rarely works. We have to redefine our intentions and plan of action to unlock human and social capital.

Impact is a compact word but one that makes a big difference. After all, it is the final evidence of positive change. Whether our work changes lives for the better, makes communities stronger, unlocks talent & enterprise, preserves culture or makes the environment safer, these are all examples of positive change.

In today’s world, in an era of new challenges – technology disruptions, climate upheavals, social imbalance – there emerge unique problems. Work, life, the planet and the future are getting increasingly disrupted by unknown uncertainties as much as by known factors.

We need to re:think and re:imagine how we solve people, planet and community problems. How do we help impact warriors & impact organisations that are vested in making the world better? What always helps with solving problems are ideas. Ideas that are better. Ideas designed and delivered to impact.

Unique problems emerging out of such disruptions need unique solutions. Business as usual doesn’t work. We need a coalition of ideas, talents and interdisciplinary skills to solve these problems better, faster. The impact sector and its stakeholders can benefit hugely with a diversity of skills at their disposal that includes design, innovation, entrepreneurship, nimble technology, strategic management, marketing, branding and storytelling.



Identifying and defining the problem right is often half the job. Our design research and tools help sharpen the intervention and frame better outcomes.


A better appreciation and understanding of the social and business context – communities, local culture, markets and linkages – help in the solution design and strategy process.

Ideation & Strategy

Purpose-driven creativity and out-of-the-box thinking today are the most critical tools to tackle out-of-the-syllabus problems. This helps social enterprises, foundations and governments stay ahead of the curve. 


There are never “best solutions”. There are better solutions. Multidisciplinary design teams help creating solutions that are human-centered and outcome-driven.


Solutions and ideas must be tested and piloted right. If you need on-ground experiments, digital sketches, paper designs or product prototypes, you need entrepreneurial design partners who have the requisite experience.


Once the solution is designed, it needs to be deployed and taken to market and stakeholders. Here, mindful branding, communication design, social activation and storytelling are invaluable. They create traction.   

Iterate and scale

Impact is best delivered at scale. After all, the purpose is served when you create the greater good for the greater all. Scaling involves marketing, distribution and the use of technology to deliver deeper and wider.   

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