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Education for adolescent girls and boys studying in Government Secondary Schools in Bihar in grades 9-12.

Illustration: Bhavya Desai

  • Lack of market-relevant skills taught to young people in government secondary schools that could prepare them for entry into the workforce as entrepreneurs and skilled workers. 
  • Lack of school-based work transition programs that guide young people into skills training and jobs through links with employers and government support schemes. 
  • High barriers to participation in work amongst girls in particular. 

How do you communicate entrepreneurship in a fun, exciting, and inspiring manner to young people in rural Bihar? Design-driven, career-focussed, market-ready, new career skills stories in the form of graphic novels in Hindi and English told through the magical realism genre in which young women and men are the masters of their fate who take action to make the world what they want it to be, sustainable and solving for climate change.


Building sustainable entrepreneurship and life skills through design-driven compelling storytelling for young women and men studying in grades 9-12 in government secondary schools in Bihar for a 4-5 year period. As Editor-in-Chief/Editorial Director at Going to School, the creative not-for-profit education trust, Anil Sadarangani, keeping in mind the programmatic proposal and KPIs, led the project to conceptualise and create 30 graphic novels covering sustainable green enterprises such as beekeeping, organic farming, biogas, biomass, solar, sustainable packaging, sustainable furniture, eco-tourism, recycling, coding for sustainability, self-defence, becoming a sports coach, journalism, entry-level healthcare jobs, banking, jam-making, and others. The stories mostly revolved around a young woman aged 16 to 19 as the protagonist who lives in Bihar and who identifies a problem affecting her and many people where she lives. She, along with friends, family and locals, girls, boys, women, men, embarks on an epic adventure following Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey. Even as she staves off marriage and other Sexual-Reproductive-Health-related pressures, she uses her design-thinking skills to research the problem, finds out what people want, designs a sustainable and climate-change-solving solution, prototypes and tests it, ultimately going to market with her product or service that has a human-centric evolution, while creating jobs for local women and men, establishing her producer company and changing the local economy and inspiring others, both men and women, to embark on their own entrepreneurial journeys. Apart from being printed, the graphic novels were also converted into e-books and on-boarded on the program’s student-learning APP called the YESS APP. As part of the pandemic pivot, Anil led the adaptation of the graphic novels curriculum to a number of television shows that reached 20 million viewers (as per Bihar government estimates) on the state-run, free-to-air television channel Doordarshan (DD) Bihar that covered each of the graphic novel stories/sectors.


As per the annual reports filed by the CEO, the graphic novels were printed and distributed across 11 districts in Bihar in 1,000 government secondary schools for 300,000+ young people studying in grades 9-12. During the pandemic, the Young Entrepreneurs Skills Show (YESS TV Show, also titled Yuwa Udhyam Kaushal Show in Hindi), the pivot of the graphic novels program into 200+ live-action masterclass episodes conducted by industry professionals from different fields called School TV, and a third TV show titled Rough Cut: Green Enterprise Internship Adventures in Bihar that saw kids attend real-life internships based on the graphic novel sectors, all aired on DD Bihar, with Anil leading each of their adaptations. The books were also written in Marathi when Anil led the organisation to sign a 5-year MoU with the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), the municipal body that governs the city of Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra.

Funded by: IKEA Foundation, Echidna Giving.

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