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Drishti is India’s leading children’s mental health services provider. They work to help children as well as support their caregivers with the right knowledge and awareness of learning disability and mental health. They offer counselling, remedial and special education therapy, school counselling programs, capacity building for adults and more. Amplification of work by such change agents leads to large-scale transformation in society and communities.

Illustration: Bhavya Desai


Expanding the impact footprint of Drishti, putting together a strategic, executional plan in place for market development and driving business efficiencies. 


Market mapping exercise of schools and aligning our actions with thrust areas of educational boards like ICSE and CBSE is critical to ensure that efforts are directed right. There was also a need for an awareness of digitisation of education itself and a road map for Drishti to lessen its dependencies on school services.

  • Market mapping and efficient market coverage by the development team for sourcing new business, and by service teams for better time management was planned
  • A five-year strategic road map was put in place
  • Identifying key thrust areas and orienting the products and services around the same
  • Strategy tools were used to ideate and create new products for schools and teachers looking to upskill themselves
  • Wherever feasible, technology was leveraged to deliver services and to make the processes more efficient
  • Initiated market entry into new territories of Dubai and Qatar which have a high number of CBSE schools while enhancing market penetration in UAE schools
  • Digital communication and dissemination of information over social media was taken up on a war footing to put in place a communication cascade
  • The annual symposium was re-looked as an IP and was redesigned over the next few years as a very well-respected knowledge-sharing event for the academic and psychologist fraternity 
  • On the 25th anniversary, a compendium containing case studies on learning disabilities and mental health was released. This helped in reinforcing Drishti as a knowledge resource for the community of educators and principals
  • Business management efficiencies were incorporated that included pricing structures, call-pickups at the remedial centre, response time, client feedback, progress reports, HR policies, fund drives, and audits & improvements

Learning disability and mental health as subjects are just beginning to rally popular support and knowledge. It is critical that organisations like Drishti grow efficiently, provide services more effectively to children, so that it brings the right attention to an underserved sector. After all, in the impact space, collaboration and collective efforts go a long way in shaping public sensitivity and policies. Since Drishti is a for-profit organisation but works in a field which helps and heals society, it walks a fine line as a business. It has to carefully balance its business imperatives and strategies with empathy and sensitivity to children and their parents. This is something that underlines each and every decision it makes as an organisation.

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