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Impact-centred thinking, business design and purpose-led creativity are powerful tools of change for the not-for-profit sector and foundations. The impact of solid brand design, nimble technology, storytelling, content, marketing and communication design can never be overemphasized enough, as the case of EmpowHER India suggests. Donors are equally customers who trade in the currency of attention and purpose and the impact sector adheres to similar laws of marketing and customer management as the profit sector. It is critical to understand this. Out-of-box solutions are equally, if not more, relevant for the impact sector. 


The task at hand was to help Chakshu Foundation rebrand and reposition in a manner that reflected their manifold growth over the years (the foundation started in 1993) as also reflect their forays into wider social interventions since then. They started with eye camps and since then moved onto catalysing change in villages through women and a number of services like WaSH, legal assistance, education, social entrepreneurship, and building toilets. This involved rebranding, positioning, business design, a new website and content that could deliver on the above.


Translating good into scale in the impact space uses the same levers as in the for-profit sector. Professionalising the impact space with modern elements of narratives, business design, content, creating sharp verticals, relevant marketing and pursuing systematic brand development helps in getting a higher share of mind even in the not-for-profit space.

Rebranding and repositioning is just not a name, identity or website change. It goes deeper across people, processes, services and experience. The rebranding and marketing also has to resonate with beneficiaries, donors, volunteers, partners. Hence, it is about business design more than just design.

  • A comprehensive strategic plan was crafted post user interviews, design research and stakeholder meetings. This provisioned for and articulated the expanded ambitions of the foundation, new areas of intervention and funding. It also seamlessly explained the transition/evolution of Chakshu to EmpowHER over the years, thereby helping the donors, partners and internal associates align with the changes in the brand, processes, marketing and content.
  • Brand storytelling, content design and development helped flesh this strategy while giving credibility to the outreach, branding and marketing efforts.
  • Brand design and development of EmpowHER that was created to serve as the embodiment of EmpowHER’s work and mission, and that cut across their marketing and communication collaterals, website and social media engagement.
  • Website design and development that presented the narrative and life of EmpowHER digitally and served as its main pulpit for communication and outreach. 
  • Ideation and innovative steps helped augment the fund drive and outreach. Ideas around corporate linkages, and for creating a platform for engaging the community of donors (like Kathagram) and branded fund drives were conceived and deployed.

Sustained brand development and creative interventions can play a significant role in delivering scale and impact for the not-for-profit sector. The above interventions and the new refreshed brand and experiences helped the client boost their presence as also augmented the fund collection. Systematic brand development and the processes therein also helped the teams within professionalise and be more organised. This is something that the market responded to well with EmpowHER embarking on newer initiatives and areas of intervention. 

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