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Creativity fuelled by design, technology and entrepreneurial thinking helps transform experiences in the not-for-profit, impact and government sectors. The Mobile Museum & Digital Storytelling platform (House of Stories) has been designed and conceptualised by NYUCT Design Labs to help museums, government bodies and heritage-preservation organisations/ foundations.


Museums and heritage preservation organisations (including government bodies) often do not present engaging digital experiences / content that are as immersive as their physical spaces. They are challenged in terms of discoverability, design, technology, storytelling and distribution. Themes like tribal heritage, folk arts and crafts, local community artisans, if not marketed right or not supported by conscious buyer communities, will slowly disappear.

Physical spaces that conserve heritage / crafts / arts are limited by their inability to present themselves and their content, culture and stories to audiences the world over. Because they are physical and stationery. It limits their brand discovery. All of the above prevents soft capital and culture to be marketed. And this significantly undermines the potential of brand India / incredible India.

  • Culture and diversity is a huge source of soft capital / brand reputation for the country, be it for organisations, governments or local communities. Culture is responsible for 42% of the world’s travel.
  • Physical spaces like museums, conservatories, heritage places, local arts and communities can benefit greatly, both commercially as also culturally if they are able to present immersive digital versions of their experience. The right platforms for marketing them can make a remarkable difference.  
  • This can enable them to digitally preserve heritage and literally export their experience and content digitally to audiences all over the world and can even share it on social media and channels. This can help market local culture and heritage in a very cost-efficient manner.
  • NYUCT Design Labs has designed and built an interactive and immersive digital storytelling, content management and preservation platform called House of Stories which is supported by a service network of designers, creators and storytellers. This allows an organisation/brand/community to present and distribute interactive, multimedia, digital stories at scale.
  • Created and conceptualised a mobile museum that allows one to take the above platform on ground with an experiential “on wheels” format into public spaces and venues, thereby making heritage and content accessible to people and institutions like schools and civic communities.
  • The House of Stories platform (a first of its kind) and the Museum on Wheels extension allows for end-to-end preservation, marketing and storytelling of heritage & content. It is experiential, multi-media and interactive.
  • It solves the headaches of organisations, governments and businesses that are struggling with content management, preservation of heritage, design & storytelling, archiving.
  • It helps organisations in distributed publishing and marketing of their content and heritage and is a great platform of discovery and engagement for digital-first consumers today.

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