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Sustainable, practical, hands-on entrepreneurial skills-learning program for young people from low-income and/or limited means backgrounds, just out of school or college having passed grade 12, living in Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, looking for their first work experience, wanting to up-skill to get a better job, or to start their own sustainable enterprise.


Young people from low-income backgrounds do not have access to quality skills education/training and hands-on mentorship that is affordable and allows them to start their own sustainable enterprise in the city.


Can a mobile-optimised digital platform, using the power of digital video storytelling, inspire and teach young people aged 18-23 from low-income backgrounds living in urban metros, to up-skill and start their own sustainable enterprise?


Anil Sadarangani, in his capacity as Editor-in-Chief/Editorial Director at Going to School, spearheaded the content creation of Map of Me, or MoM, a mobile youth channel for millions of young people on the move from school to work or enterprise of their choice, powered by content to help them explore the skills they need to be an entrepreneur where they live.

The platform was launched in 2019 and ran for three years till March 2022. Young people visited the site on their phones, watched several of the 100s of inspiring video stories about real-life entrepreneurs who were once just like them starting out and who, with hard work and focus, started their own ventures. Young people created their own user accounts, logged in and completed the 26-step challenge to become an entrepreneur. Once completed, they could reach out to Map of Me to request a meeting or to be connected to any of the entrepreneurs featured on the platform if they wanted mentorship and career guidance.


Map of Me was active from 2019-2022 in Bengaluru, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, reaching many young people through its online avatar and also through TV shows aired on state-run, free-to-air television stations like DD Sahyadri in Maharashtra, DD Bangla in West Bengal, DD Chandana in Karnataka.

Funded by: British Asian Trust/BT (British Telecom)

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